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With over 20 years of expertise in mineral exploration, Torq Consulting boasts a seasoned team with extensive experience in the Yukon and Northern BC. Our dedicated crew, with over 100 years of collective exploration drilling experience, is like family, known for their loyalty and hard work. From Canada to Africa, Mongolia to South America, our team’s global experience spans careers ranging from 5 to 50 years. Trust Torq Consulting for safe and knowledgeable exploration services.


Mr. Hauser's significant experience as a diamond driller, crew foreman and operations manager was highly valuable when drilling a property that presented logistical challenges due to its remote geographic position and late season inclement weather. Mr. Hauser was capable of planning and completing the job on very short notice after a previous drill contractor dropped out. Mr. Hauser was instrumental in designing and implementing drill crew safety protocols and worked closely with project geologists to help execute a safe and efficient program.
Kerry Bates
M.Sc., P.Geo Exploration Manager