When it comes to safety our TD is 0. Zero lost days and zero lost time incidents. TORQ consulting prioritizes safety over everything. We ensure every employee is working in a safe, healthy, discrimination free and environmentally friendly workplace. We at Torq Consulting understand the hazards involved in the mineral exploration industry. Every shift begins with a detailed toolbox meeting followed by daily reports to ensure continuous improvements in our safety goals.

Trevor Hauser

Handling hazardous substances

Exploration drilling demands rigorous safety protocols and expertise in handling hazardous materials. At Torq Consulting, safety is paramount in every aspect of our operations.

We adhere strictly to industry-leading safety standards and regulations to ensure the well-being of our team and the environment. Our comprehensive safety procedures encompass every stage of exploration drilling, from site preparation to equipment maintenance.

When dealing with hazardous materials, our experienced crew is equipped with advanced training and protective gear to mitigate risks effectively. We implement stringent controls for the handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous substances, minimizing the potential for accidents or environmental harm.

Furthermore, our commitment to safety extends beyond compliance; we continuously review and update our protocols to incorporate the latest advancements and best practices. By prioritizing safety at every step, Torq Consulting provides peace of mind to our clients and upholds our reputation for excellence in exploration drilling.

Working at heights

When it comes to working at heights in exploration drilling, Torq Consulting prioritizes safety above all else. Our team is trained and certified in the latest height safety procedures to ensure a secure work environment for every project.

We meticulously assess each site to identify potential hazards and implement appropriate safety measures. From proper harnessing techniques to the use of reliable fall protection systems, we leave no stone unturned in safeguarding our crew members against falls or accidents.

Moreover, our commitment to ongoing training and education ensures that our team remains up-to-date with the latest industry standards and techniques for working safely at heights. By prioritizing safety and proficiency, Torq Consulting delivers peace of mind to our clients while maintaining the highest level of excellence in exploration drilling.

mental & Physical fitness

Mental and physical fitness are essential components of our approach at Torq Consulting for exploration drilling. Our team understands that the demanding nature of the work requires both sharp minds and strong bodies.

To maintain peak mental fitness, we prioritize regular training sessions focused on stress management, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Additionally, we promote a supportive work environment where open communication and teamwork thrive, fostering resilience and adaptability in our crew members.

Physical fitness is equally crucial, as exploration drilling often involves strenuous activities in challenging environments. Our team undergoes regular fitness assessments and participates in tailored exercise programs to enhance strength, endurance, and flexibility. By prioritizing physical wellness, we reduce the risk of injuries and ensure our team is prepared for the rigors of the job.

At Torq Consulting, we recognize that mental and physical fitness go hand in hand, empowering our team to tackle any challenge with confidence and resilience.

Handling tools and equipment

At Torq Consulting, we approach the handling of tools and equipment with the utmost care and expertise. Our team understands that the proper management of tools and equipment is essential for the success and safety of exploration drilling projects.

We maintain a strict regimen of equipment inspection and maintenance to ensure that all tools are in optimal condition before use. Our crew members undergo comprehensive training on the proper handling and operation of each tool, emphasizing safety protocols and best practices.

Furthermore, we prioritize organization and accountability in our approach to equipment management. Each tool is carefully cataloged and stored in designated locations to facilitate easy access and prevent loss or damage. Regular inventory checks and audits help us maintain a streamlined workflow and minimize downtime.

At Torq Consulting, we recognize that the efficiency and safety of exploration drilling hinge on the responsible handling of tools and equipment. Our commitment to excellence in this regard ensures that every project is executed with precision and professionalism.